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Elven Sabre and Dirk of Dúathg'aul (Shadowhowler)

Review by Sean Stevens GA, USA


The Elven Dirk was a piece that our own forum member Brenno of FableBlades had already made... I liked the look and the lines of it so much, I asked him to make me a short curved blade to match it.

Historical overview

These blades are pure fantasy... so there is no Historical Precedent.

Initial Impressions

When Brenno Finished the matching saber and both blades arrived, I was jumping up and down with excitement. My first custom! The blades arrived in a PVC plastic pipe, well protected from harm.

Holding the saber and dagger in hand for the first time was a rush... the light weight of them, the sturdy construction... they felt like nothing I had handled at that point.

When I first got them, there were blued (more liked BLACKED) and looked WICKED... but later I sent them to forumite Tom K. to do his sharpening wizardry on them, and he had to take of the black. I considered putting it back on, but decided I liked them better as they are now.

Here you can see how the looked before, when I first saw them... and read the Statistics

The Blades

Elven Saber

The blade on the saber has a wicked curve, as you can see... its light in hand but the PoB is far out on the blade... this combination makes it fast but it is a STRONG cutter.

Its point is pretty sharp and strong, so it can make pretty strong thrusts as well.

The spine of the blade is THICK... this saber feels near indestructible in hand... I would have no fear of cutting anything with the sword... its hands down my most durable sword. Period.

The edge was somewhat sharp when I got it... its pretty sharp now after Tom worked on it. It is beefy.... has a lot of what the Katana guys call 'Niku', so edge damage is highly unlikely. It cuts paper now, but retains an amazing durability.

Elven Dirk

The blade on the Dirk is also curved, but it doesn't have the sweeping transition of the Saber... its a smooth continuous curve. It cuts VERY well also.

Also unlike the Saber, The Dirk has a wicked barb on the back of the blade... I can only guess that it would be quite discomforting coming out. Blegh.

The back edge of the Dirk is like the Saber, THICK. This little monster is also quite indestructible.

The same story with the Dirks edge... paper cutting sharp now... but still very robust, I've no feat of chopping at branches or anything I want with this Dirk.

The Handle

These weapons are made in what Brenno calls 'Tactical Style'. Meaning, unlike a standard Sword or Dagger, these weapons are all one solid piece of steel with wood scales for grip. The result is a VERY durable but more simple to make weapon.

Elven Saber

Clean, simple... little embellished engraving to add style.

Ample room for my meat-paws.

Elven Dirk

The grip on the Dirk turns in more then on the Saber, making it appear a bit more elegant.

Slightly more snug then the Saber for my hand, but you can loop your index finger over the scroll to gain more leverage. You can do this with the Saber as well, but the lack of an upper scroll offers less protection, and since there is ample room on the Saber's grip I have not felt the need.

The Guard

Being that these blades are made 'tactical style' they don't have a 'guard' exactly. There is scroll work that comes out from the blade body, and keeps the hand from slipping toward the blade.

Also, right at the base of each blade there is a bit of engraving.

The Pommel

Here again, no traditional pommel in this style of construction. Just big, beefy tang with wood scale.

The Scabbard

No Scabbards as of yet... but these Blades are going to be a true community project when I am done. Made by Brenno, Sharpened/Polished by Tom, and I've commissioned natural wood scabbards for them from fellow forumite Maz. I'll update this review with them when I get them.

Handling Characteristics

These blades feel AMAZING in the hand. So light but STRONG at the same time... often you have to give up one for the other... I feel these blades give me the best of both worlds, speed and power.

The Saber took a bit of getting used to, the PoB being so far out made it at first seem more heavy then it is... but as you get used to it, you learn to USE it to make sheering cuts.

I love these blades.

A picture of them next to the well known Valiant Armoury Arming Sword, for Compression.

Test Cutting

Here I just went a little silly and had some fun... I have had much better cutting sessions with these blades... in fact, my favorite cut I have EVER made was with the Saber. However, for this video, a bit of theater:


I LOVE these blades! They were my first customs and will always have a special place in my heart. The tactical option is great if you have an idea for a user sword that you don't NEED to be traditionally constructed... a Fable Blade made in the Tactical style can be had for MUCH less then some of Brenno's other blades.

The ability to design and have come to life your very own sword is something special, and Brenno works with you to help you get exactly what you want.

Of the two blades here, only the Dirk fell into our Sub-300 realm, but the Saber was not that much more, and worth every single penny.

SUPER tough blades, almost indestructible.
Custom made to your own likes and specs by a fellow forumite.
Tactical Option makes a custom sword of amazing quality more affordable.
Impressive Handling.

Tho the price is TOTALLY worth it, it will still run you a bit more then the sub 300 area.
The Blades being so durable means they are thick, with lots of Niku, great for heavy targets but won't take a cutthroat razor edge.

The Bottom Line
If you can afford it, I think every collector should get something custom made, at least once. There is nothing quite like the feeling of holding in your hand a sword you design, that you know was hand made just for you and no one else has one in the world quite like it.

Fable Blades are TOUGH, well made blades... and our own Brenno is a man among men! Talk to him about a project you have been thinking about, you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for reading!


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