Heirloom Quality Custom Swords

Welcome to the portfolio of Custom Sword Maker Brendan Olszowy.

I make Heriloom Quality Custom Swords; available to USA, Europe, Australia, and where laws and shipping permit.

I only make a few swords each year and these are exclusively priced. My waiting list for a piece is many months, possibly over a year. Almost none of the swords on this website are for sale - any creations available to purchase now are listed below. I am seldom looking for work but am open to consider special commissioned work if you are seeking a unique piece.

I also make custom scabbards for my swords, as well as ceremonial daggers (athamé), and handcarved timber wands. All my pieces are designed for beauty of form, while prioritising function, and drawing from a study of historical principles.

My bespoke creations are made at my home in Western Australia.

My swords are lovingly hand crafted, with close attention to detail and are fully functional.
All my pieces are one of a kind.
Please enjoy my galleries of past creations from the drop menus above, view my Available Pieces below, and if you'd like to discuss custom work please
email me

Patreon Channel - Watch Me Create
It's my pleasure to invite you to join me, as I share an in depth and detailed look into my sword crafting and creative processes

These items were created by me through following my inspiration. I know not yet for who's hand they are destined...
Perhaps yours? Perhaps someone you love?

*None ready made at this time, please enquire about commissioning your piece*



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