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Felaróf is the sword of Eorl the Young, first king of Rohan. It is named after his steed Felaróf, who was the first of the Mearas, mighty horses long lived, fast and strong. Felaróf was eventually tamed and ridden by Eorl. Felaróf had killed Eorl's father Léod, throwing him when he had tried to tame him. Felaróf; both sword and steed served Eorl in the Battle of the Field of Celebrant to aid the steward of Gondor.

Weight: 1220g (2lb 11oz)
Length Overall: 915mm (36")
Length of Blade: 717mm (28.25")
Length of Grip: 100mm (4")
Width of blade: At Base: 59mm ( 2.32") > 6" from tip: 40mm (1.57")
Thickness of Blade: At Base: 6mm (0.236") > End of fuller: 3.7mm (0.145") > 3" behind tip 3mm (0.118")
Point of Balance: 150mm (6") from base of blade
Centre of Percussion: Around 455mm (18")n from base of blade
Hilt Node of Percussion: Middle of forward grip section
Steel: 9260; oil quenched then tempered twice to a hardness at ~ 52Rc
Australian Hardwoods: Lighter timber is a Goldfields Burl of Acacia, grown in arid conditions,
Blackwood is Acacia Melanoxylon.



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