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Nyérë (Sorrow)

Amongst the race of the Elves are the Darkling, a sect of Assassins trained from a young age to be the dark hand to the Elven queen. Amongst the greatest of these assassin's was one known simply as Mercy. She was found at a young age during the war with the Elroc, a savage race of lizard creatures that had the intelligence of men and longed only to bring war and death to all races that opposed them. One of the Darkling sent to assassinate an important target came across the child soaked in lizard blood. The Darkling marveled at the beauty this girl child exhibited even at the tender age of five. Her skin was so black it seemed to drink the light, in her hand was a broken sword, her father's sword. From the earliest days of her training her masters took notice of her, she progressed faster than any other assassin in the history of their order except one. At the behest of the masters the greatest elven smiths took the broken sword and reforged it into two blades fit for an assassin, Nyérë, Sorrow and her sister blade Nwalya, Pain, for wherever Mercy was sent Sorrow and Pain soon followed. - Troy Stuart

The Grip is inscribed with the Quenya word for Sorrow, "Nyérë", burned in Tengwar.

Weight: 915g (32oz)
Overall Length: 705mm (28”)
Cutting Edge: 450mm (18”)
Point of Balance: At tip of spur at base of blade.
Thickness of Spine: 6mm tapering toward tip.
Grip wood: Lace Sheoak, A very rare variation of the common Western Australian Casuarina wood.

Test Cutting Clip:






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